The Executioners

The job seems simple: Buy an old villa, and do it discreetly. But then “incidents” begin to occur and “accidents” start piling up, and very soon Banks the realtor is no longer sure what awaits him in the villa’s dilapidated rooms. Is this the deal of his life, or the horror that will end it? Slowly it begins to dawn on him that everything is part of a master plan, as brilliant as it is deceptive – but by the time the penny drops it’s already too late.

Producer: Terje Gaustad
Writer: Charles Lewinsky

Odyssey: Devil’s Gate

Young American backpackers Julian and Stephanie are in Cape Town on the final leg of their African vacation. After a quarrel over Stephanie’s apparent enthusiasm for a cute local tour guide, Julian storms off on his own and decides to board a tour bus heading for Devil’s Gate – a low-budget backpacker’s lodge, tucked away in the wilderness. After a long and dusty journey through the bush, Julian arrives at a truly beautiful campsite located next to an old abandoned silver mine. Sitting around the nightly fire, Julian overhears a fellow backpacker telling the story of a curse that lies over the mining lands. At first, Julian dismisses the ghostly story as just another campfire tale. But then his fellow backpackers start to die in the same horrifying manner as in the legend and, while Stephanie’s increasingly frantic inquiries in Cape Town show that there is no such place as Devil’s Gate, Julian is forced to confront an ancient evil in a desperate battle for survival.

Producers: Terje Gaustad, Greig Buckle
Writers: Lukas Erni, Frazer Lee